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Uit: Het Belang van Limburg vrijdag 17 september 2004

Kate Ryan surprises with Ann Christy songs in Antwerp
Kate Ryan surprised the most during the Ann Christy Tribute concert. Most artists just did what was expected of them, but it felt a bit "ordinary". Who thought Kate Ryan could only handle Pop-and dance songs needed to change his opinion. She showed that she can perfectly manage Ann Christy's style. Her voice even sounds a bit like that of the singer, who died 20 years ago. After the concert, Kate got lots of praises. "I wanted to show that I can really sing, because a lot of people still have doubts about that. I also like these songs. Another reason to participate in this project is that my own mother died of cancer 3 years ago and that a part of the show's proceeds go to Cancer funds.
There weren't any other surprises in the show. Every artist sang his or her 3 songs and photos of Ann were projected on the background of the stage. The show stuck together quite clumsy, but that could be caused by the fact that they only did 1 grand rehearsal.