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Uit: Dag Allemaal 10/7/2004

While she spends most of her time touring abroad, at this moment singer Kate Ryan (23) is about to move into a new appartment. This summer she will have a very busy schedule.

"My agenda has never been so filled with appointments," she sighs. Today I'm going to Poland, tomorrow I'll sing in Germany, and after that I'm going to Turkey, Sweden and Spain. It just doesn't stop. At this moment we would have been busy planning a live tour, but because of the busy schedule, we had to postpone it. It's hard to rehearse songs when you're in Belgium for only a few days a week.

What about your plans to move ?
I'm finally almost living on my own. Within 3 weeks or so, I'll be moving into my new appartment in Tessenderlo, near the flower and interiorshop of my father. While I was touring around the last few months he decorated the appartment. Now I'm still living with my grandmonther. It's great to live with her, and she's gonna miss me when I move out, but it's time to live on my own. My grandmother is a fantastic modern woman and she takes good care of me, but since she's getting older it's hard to invite all of my friends and throw parties. Within a month I'll be able to do what I want.

Aren't you affraid you'll end up feeling lonely?
While I was studying, I lived in Antwerp. That was a great experience and now it won't be any different. And I won't have the chance to feel lonely, because i'm always busy when I'm in Belgium. I don't even have time for a boyfriend. At the moment, I'm putting my energy in the preparations for the Ann Christy 20 Jaar Later Concert that will take place in the Zuiderkroon in Antwerp. I was only 4 years old when Ann died, and I don't have a lot of memories about her. She died of cancer at a young age, just like my mother. A part of the proceeds goes to a Cancer fund, so I'll do my best to make it an unforgettable experience. I don't often sing in Dutch, but at that concert, I will use my own language.